Die Siedler von Cattan/Settlers of Cattan: Blood Rules Variant

Designed by Trever Dewey (Trevor_Dewey@acml.com)

The Standard rules are used except where they are superceded by the following rules:

1. Town Placement. Town placement is normal, however if a town is placed such that it interrupts another players road resulting in one section of that road being unconnected to any of that players towns, that section of road is considered "destroyed". Return the road sections to the owning player.

2. Development/Knight Cards. Development/Knight cards must still be held one round before they can be played, however, a player may play any number of Development/Knight cards during his turn.

3. Victory Point Cards. Victory Point cards are treated as regular development cards and must be held for a full turn before they can be played.

4. Discarding. When a player must discard due to a "blowup", instead of selecting the cards himself another player randomly picks the cards from that players hand.

Optional Rules

5. Blowup on 7. Players must discard half their hands (rounded down) when they have seven cards or more.

6. Moving the Robber. When the robber moves to a new space move the production number on that new space to the space the robber just left. The player who moves the robber is still allowed to steal from any player whose town(s) border the new space.

N.B. This means that there will be a production number on the oasis, when that number is rolled the oasis obviously produces nothing.

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