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Additional Rules: Tournament Game for New Players
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Additional Rules: Tournament Game for New Players

Game Materials: 60 cards, 1 victory flag

[These rules are a translation of a set found on the Die Siedler Website. They require an additional "Universität" (University) card. As described in this press release (in German), this can be gotten by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to Kosmos-Verlag. Alternatively, pictures of the University cards, suitable for printing on a color printer and pasting on one of the spare cards from the Tournament Set, can be found here. - Michael Tsuk (tsuk@edgard.eng.pko.dec.com)]

The Tournament Game for New Players is played with one Basic Game and one Tournament Set according to the rules of the Basic Game. In this way, you become acquainted above all with the value of the new cards.

What is new and attractive about the "correct" tournament game is the possibility to compile one's own card selection and to compete against the selection of your opponent. However, you require another player who must also have a basic game and a tournament set to do this!

Preparation of the Tournament Game for New Players

Game Progress

With these few exceptions, the rules of the Basic Game are valid!

The rules changes

The university

If a player has the required raw materials to build the university, he or she may build this card in a city. The player pays the raw materials, takes a university from the display pile and puts it above or below one of his or her cities as a normal city expansion.

Attention: each player may build only one university!

If a "Feuerteufel" (Firedevil) is played against the university, the player does not take the card into the hand but puts in back next to the expansion piles again.

That player may build the university again later if he or she has the required raw materials.

The victory flag

The victory flag is set at the beginning to the value "2" and put with the "knight" and "mill" tokens. As soon as one player has reached 3 victory points, he or she adjusts the victory flag and sets it up in front of him or herself. If that player achieves further victory points,the flag is set to the higher value.

Always, if a player achieves a higher victory point total than the current owner of the victory flag, that player receives the victory flag and adjusts the scoring number.

Therefore, you always have an overview with the victory flag who is the leading player and how many victory points this player has.

Game End

The Tournament Game ends as the Basic Game does, as soon as a player has reached 12 victory points.

Errata for the Tournament Game Rulebook!

1. It says on page 4 under "Rule Changes" in the fourth bulleted item that the player can take back a played card to his hand. This rule is wrong! The correct rule is that a remote card must be placed in the discard pile (see also the third bulleted item under the rule changes on this page).

2. On page 5 under the Character "The Barbar" 2 "Spion" cards and 3 "Feuerteufel" cards are listed. This is incorrect; the correction is 3"Spion" cards and 2 "Feuerteufel" cards.

3. On page 5 under the Character "The Weise" a "Troubadour" is listed. This should be the Knight "Walther der Sänger".

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