Kleine Fische
Small Fry

Published by Goldsieber.
Designed by Peter Neugebauer.
Rules translation by Chris Mellor.
Transcription by Andy Daglish.

A game for 2-4 players age 7 and up.



The 66 cards are shuffled face-down in the middle of the table as a pick-up pile.

The die is placed on the left hand side of the deck. Youngest begins; play proceeds clockwise.

The Game

The Fish Turn

In your turn you take a card and place it face-up on the right side of the deck. You can either end your turn by placing this card face-down in front of you as the first of a row, or you can continue playing in order to win more cards.

You always have two possible course of action when you turn over a fish which is not yet part of the row. You can continue or stop.

If you reveal a fish, one of whose type has already been revealed in this round (the size is irrelevant) then you lose all cards in between and including these two cards. Your turn ends immediately. All these face up cards are placed face up on the discard pile. You take the remaining cards as your prize and place them face down in front of you.

The Octopus Die

If you turn over an Octopus card then your turn ends immediately. You lose all the fish cards turned over this turn and place them, with the octopus card, on the discard pile. But now you have the right to rob a fellow player of cards already won by him. You nominate a player and declare how many cards you wish to take. Then you roll the die.

End of a Round

As soon as the last card from the deck has been taken and used, a round ends. Only the highest values of a type of fish score for you. Note the scores on a pad.

The player with the lowest point value begins the next round after the cards have been well shuffled.

The first player to score 77 points or more wins.

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