Starry Sky

Invented by Tom Schoeps.
Published by Goldsieber.
Translated by M. Schloth.
Copyright 1995, Tom Schoeps.

For 3 to 5 Players.

Game Material


Game Play


After the Scoring

The End

Once all 12 Constellations have been completed and scored, the player with the most Star Coins wins.


Occasionally, two or more players will tie for the highest or the second highest value in a Constellation. The following rules will break such ties:

  1. The player with more Star Tokens on the Constellation breaks the tie in his or her favor. Black Holes and Double Stars always count towards this total. See Example 7 (Abb. 7) on page 4.
  2. If this still does not break the tie (all players with the highest total value have the same number of Star Tokens), then first and second place are not awarded and all players receive Star Coins from the Reserve equal to the number of Star Tokens they own on the Constellation.

If first place is clearly determined but there is a tie for second place that cannot be broken, then the first place Star Coins are awarded as usual but the second place Star Coins are not. The second place players and all others will receive Star Coins equal to the number of Star Tokens they own on the Constellation from the Reserve not, in this case, from the first place player's winnings.

Scoring Examples on Page 3

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