Sunset Blvd.

Designed by Gunter Baars
Published by Salagames
Translation by Joe Huber

2-6 Players

Game Materials


Sort out the start and end cards. The 48 cards with stars (no names) are shuffled and laid in a long queue on the table (see figure on page 3).

At one end of the queue place the start card; at the other end, the end card. The 24 task cards (with names) are shuffled, and four are dealt to each player.

The remaining cards are removed from the game. Each player lays their four task cards face up in front of them on the table.

Each player takes a game piece and puts it on the start card. The youngest player takes the dice and starts the game; the other players follow clockwise.


As reporters each player must fulfill their tasks and find four fake stars. Whoever completes their tasks and reaches the end first wins.


In a turn, a player always rolls all three dice and picks one for their movement. They then move that number of spaces forward, towards the end. Each card counts as one space. One can never move backwards. The full movement from the selected die must be used.

If the movement end on a face down card, it is immediately turned up. Once turned up, a card remains face up. As soon as a card is turned up, look for the other card for this star. If the other card is not face up, it's the next player's turn.

If the other card is face up, the player must move his piece to the other card - this can cause a move backwards. All pieces at the other card are moved to the card just turned up.

If a player's movement ends on a face up card, look for the other card for this star. If it is face up, all pieces on either card are moved to the other card.

Fulfilling Tasks

As soon as a player reaches the card of a star for whom he holds a task card, he has fulfilled that task, and may turn the appropriate task card over. Of course, when fulfilling a task a player must still move to the other card for that star if it is face up.

Attention! Whoever reaches the finish card with one or more task cards remaining is moved immediately back to the start card. In addition, the player must turn one already completed task card back up.

Game End

Whoever completes his four tasks and reaches the end card first wins.

The end card must be reached by exact count.


Sunset Blvd. played without the task cards. This changes the course of the game, creating a turbulent run with many changes in position. The winner is the first player to reach the end card.

Play rounds of Sunset Blvd., one after the other, leaving the star cards in place between rounds and simply turning them back down again. Collect the task cards after each round, shuffle them, and deal them back out.

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell