Designed by Karl-Heinz Schmiel
Published by Mattel
Translation by ??

3-6 Players

Each player's figure is placed on the TRAUMFIGUR (dream figure) space. Each player receives 3 red discs. Shuffle the cards and deal all cards out. The player dealt the TISCHLEIN DECK DICH special card begins play.

The player who leads to a trick must place an entree (Torte, Fish, or Meat (Fleisch)), or a Fast Food or Take Out Meal (Fertiggericht). Entrees may be played alone, or with any number of Side Dishes (Cream (Sahne), Dumpling (Knodel), or Potato (Kartoffeln)) of the same color.

The next player clockwise has three choices:

1) Eat the meal. Fast Food, Take Out Meals, and Museli count at face value; Entrees are counted at face value unless two or more appropriate side dishes have been played, in which case their value is multiplied by the number of side dishes. Use the Weight Table (Gewichtstabelle) card to determine how far to move your piece around the table.

2) Add a card or cards to the trick. Cards may be added as follows:

3) A red or special card may be played. These cards have the following effects:

Red cards:

Special cards:

The player who eats the meal leads to the next trick.

A round ends when a player can not lead to a trick when it is their turn to do so. All players must then try to make up menus from all of the menu cards in their hands. They must then eat the menus. Red cards have no effect (unless effected by Suppen-Kasper).

At the beginning of a round, a player may use a red chip to:

The game ends when a player reaches either end of the weight scale (Dicker Brocken or Suppenkasper). The player nearest the Dream Figure space is then the winner. In case of a tie, the player with the most red chips left is the winner.

When playing with only 3 players, remove the following 18 cards:

The Game Cabinet - - Joe Huber