Teufels, Teufels
Devils, Devils

Translation by Frank Branham via DLG Pro v1.0.

[This is a machine aided translation by someone who speaks no German. Might be slightly incorrect.]


The Object

The object is to collect the letters A-F of your color to leave the Underworld. The last player left in the Underworld is stuck there for eternity, and consequently loses the game.


Before the first game dissect the cards, and add the letter stickers on the smaller wooden pegs. The bigger devil-pegs don't get any stickers.

Set out the game board, shuffle the cards, and lay one face down on each of the spaces. The six spaces marked with vines, and the devil face in the middle do not receive a card.

Place the 4 red Devil Pegs on the Devil Face in the middle.

Each player chooses a devil-disk. The oldest player puts his empty disk on an any field of the board (save for the devil face). Going clockwise, each player then places their disk, making sure that there are at least 3 spaces between any two devil-disks. The oldest player then takes his first turn. Play continues clockwise around the board.


Each turn, a player moves his devil disk over the cards trying to collect his 6 letters. Taking a Devil Peg allows one better movement, and a chance to be really mean.

However, one should not over estimate the helpfulness of the devil. If anyone meets a second Devil, both Devils fly away, taking with them two letters. If you get all of your letters, and have no Devil Peg, you may leave the Underworld.


Devil disks move only horizontally and vertically, never diagonally. On each new space to which you move, the type of card will indicate whether or not you can move to another space, or have to stop.

Face Down Cards

Normally, when landing on a face down card, you must end your turn and flip up the card. If it is a letter of your own color, you end your turn and put the corresponding letter into your Devil Disk.

If the card turned up shows a letter that you already have in your disk, regardless of what color it is, you may move again. So a player with the letter D can move freely over all cards with the letter D.

Fields Without Cards

Fields that have no cards, don't represent an obstacle and may be moved across freely. (Exception: the Devil Face)

Turned up Letter Cards

These work exactly like the face down cards, except you do not flip the card. If you land on a letter of your color that you do not have, you stop and take a peg. If you already have the letter, regardless of color, you move again. Otherwise, you end your turn.

Devil Cards

If you turn up a Devil Card, or land on a turned up Devil Card, you must take a Devil Peg and put it in the center of your Devil-Disk. If all 4 Devil Pegs are taken, then you take one from any other playerUs Devil Disk. Congratulations, you are now possessed.

If you ever receive a second Devil, then both Devils fly away, each taking a letter. Place your old Devil Peg back on the Devil Face in the middle, and remove two letter pegs from your disk. If you have fewer then two pegs, remove all you can.

Tower Cards

Landing on a Tower Card allows you to do the following two things:

1. You can peek at any face down card on the board. Do not show it to anyone else, and return it face down.

2. You may get rid of your Devil Peg and return it to the Face in the middle of the board.

The Devil Face

This is the square in the middle of the board where all of the Devils hang out. Normally, a player cannot move onto this space. However, if all of the Devils are out posessing players, you may move onto and through this space freely.

Other Players' Devil-Disks

You cannot move onto spaces with other players. The only exception is if you are making a Devil Move (see below). In any case, a space may never contain more than two Devil-disks.

If you are possessed by a Devil, you can move onto another player's Devil-Disk. You must then give them your Devil Peg. If that is their second Devil, then both Devils go back to the Devil Face, and the player must choose two letters to remove from his piece.

Abandons and Cards Trade

Instead of moving, you can choose to change the positions of any two cards on the board. However, you can only change the position of cards of your own color, and face down cards. You may NOT look at face down cards while moving them. You can also not move cards on which any player's Devil-Disk sits.

The Devil Move

While you have a Devil Peg, your powers of movement are increased:

1. Instead of moving your Devil Disk, you may pick up 2-4 cards of any type. Turn all of the cards face down, shuffle them, and trturn them all face down anywhere on the board save for the Devil Face. ( You can even put cards on the Ivy spaces.) If a player picks up cards of his own color, any player may ask to shuffle the cards instead, though the original player still gets to place the mixed cards.

2. Having a Devil Peg lets you move freely over face down cards. Do not turn them up. You must still stop on face up cards for which you do not have a matching letter.

3. You can move onto and over cards which have another player's Devil Disk. You cannot move into a space that contains more than one Devil Disk, however. You CAN move through a space with an upturned card for which you do not have a matching letter, as long as another player is on the space.

Devils, Devils

Anytime you acquire a second Devil, you are hosed. Your original Devil Peg goes back to the Devil Face, and you must choose two letters to remove from your Devil Disk.

Losing Devils

You can only leave the game board (Underworld) if you have all 6 letter tiles and do not have a Devil Peg. You can lose your Devil by the following two ways:

1. Land on a Tower Card. You may put the Devil back onto the Devil Face.

2. Moving onto another player. If you end your turn on another player, you may give them your Devil. If this is their 2nd Devil then they will lose two letters and both Devils will amble back to their home at the Devil's Face.


If someone is standing on a Devil card, you cannot move onto their space to give them a second Devil. Instead, you get YOUR second devil, and must suffer the consequences. Also, you may not give a Devil to someone who is sitting on a Tower Space.

Devil-Disk Full!

As soon as you get your 6th letter and are rid of your Devil, remove your piece off of the game board.

But you still get to play in the game. When your turn comes up, flip over two face down cards.

When all cards have been turned face up, the game ends.

It's the End of the Game as We Know It

The game ends when either:

1. Only one player remains on the board. That player loses, and is stuck in the Underworld forever.

2. If all the cards are turned up, then daybreak arrives (???!) and everyone still left in the Underworld is stuck there forever.

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