Totem - Rules Summary


Each player receives:

The first totem piece is set up. The 6 birds are placed on the rail. A start player is chosen. Play proceeds clockwise. The start player also moves clockwise at the end of each round. A round is made up of 8 phases.

Phase 1: The Village

Phase 2: Magic

Phase 3: Births

Possible spell in phase 3:

Phase 4: Distribution of the Catch

Possible spells in phase 4:

Phase 5: Feast

Phase 6: Illnesses

Possible spell in phase of 6:

Phase 7: Generation Changes

Possible spell in phase 7:

Phase 8: Totem Construction


The first player to have 6 totem pieces wins. For ties the bigger family wins. If there is also a tie for largest family, the player with more Tschukkas in reserve wins, otherwise the game finishes with no winner.

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell