Volle Lotte! (Full Roll!)

Invented by ?.
Published by Abacus.
Translated by Bob Rossney (rbr@well.sf.ca.us).

A dice game with cards for 2-10 players ages 8 and up.

Game Equipment

Object of the Game

Players try to earn the most points through lucky rolls and a little tactics. But before the dice are rolled, cards come into play.

Often these cards promise a bonus, but other times...


The luckiest player shuffles the cards and puts them so that the deck is in reach of everyone at the table. The six dice are laid nearby. Play proceeds clockwise.


The first player draws the top card from and lays it face-up next to the deck.

After that he rolls with all 6 dice and examines the throw for dice that score. If no scoring combination is found, then the unlucky player scores nothing.

The following dice or combinations of dice score points when you obtain them in your roll:

Single Die

  each 5 =     50 points
  each 1 =    100 points

Dice Combinations

  2-2-2   =     200 points
  3-3-3   =     300 points
  4-4-4   =     400 points
  5-5-5   =     500 points
  6-6-6   =     600 points
  1-1-1   =   1,000 points

Each die may be counted only once, either as a single die or as a combination.

What happens next depends on the results of the dice:

End of Game

The game is over when one player reaches 6,000 points. The players with fewer points have one round to catch up.

For a longer game, increase the number of points needed to win, e.g. to 10,000 points.

The Cards

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