For 3-6 players, 8 years or older.

Idea of Game

A simple trick-taking game. Each player plays alone, and must decide before play how many tricks they will win.


With three players, first remove two colours (suits) from the game. Then shuffle the remaining cards and deal out equally to all players.

The Dealer takes the last two cards which they have dealt to themselves and turns them face-up for all to see. The trump suit for this round will be the suit of the lower valued of the two cards. There are no number trumps in this game. If both cards have the same number or colour, then there are no trumps for this round.

Once trumps (or no trumps) has been decided, the Dealer returns the lower valued of the two cards to their hand. The other card stays face up and is the first card in the first trick.

If there are no trumps, the Dealer may inspect their hand and decide which card to leave on the table.

Course of Play

Before any further cards are played, each player lays two of their cards face down in front of them. The cards should be placed so as to form a cross. The numbers on these two cards make up two estimations of how many tricks that player will win during the round. All players then simultaneously turn over the topmost of the two cards. The lower card remains face down. These two cards are not used to take tricks. If one or both numbers correspond with the number of tricks that that player wins, then the player gets a bonus. Once all cards have been turned over, play of the first trick resumes. Each trick consists of one card from each player. Players must follow suit if possible, the highest number in the suit led wins unless a trump is played. Players need not play a trump if they choose not to. If two identical cards are played, the first played is high. The winner of each trick leads to the next.


Each player scores the number of triangles on the cards that they have won. If, in addition they manage to win exactly the number of tricks that they have estimated they get a bonus. The bonuses are as follows.

The points for each round are recorded. Play continues until one or more players get a score of 200 or more. The player with the highest score wins.

The Game Cabinet - editor@gamecabinet.com - Ken Tidwell