Wrestle Wars: Adventures in the Squared Circle

An original game system conceived, designed and wholly owned by Colin James Haslett, with copyrights and patents pending.

Although not, in fact, an actual program, this game is distributed as shareware in the format of this data file only. Anyone wishing to create and distribute hardcopies of this file is more than welcome to do so as this will better facilitate the playing of this game, provided that said hardcopies are not sold for profit. The same conditions apply to making copies of this data file. Any and all copies, either as hardcopy or data, must be complete and unedited and must include these conditions.

Anyone who finds the game enjoyable is invited to send a registration fee of $15.00 to the author at the address given below. Registered users of this game will be entitled to a free copy of the expanded version of this game, due in early 1994, and I will endeavour to answer any questions that they may have about the game. This registration fee is, of course, voluntary, but the time that I spent designing this game was valuable to me and I do have to eat.

Because of space considerations I have not included any of the rules for either Tag Team or Battle Royal matches or for several other aspects of the game, nor have I included any descriptions of the Attack and Defense Manoeuvres. If you want these descriptions I suggest you actually force yourself to watch a few hours of Pro Wrestling on T.V. and get them first hand. This should also help you to get in the right frame of mind to play the game. Wrestle Wars is intended as pure fun: in no way should you take the subject at all seriously. This is Pro Wrestling we're talking about folks, and it is hardly a subject worth taking seriously (I apologize to any insulted die-hard fans out there, but if you disagree just take a look at "Doink the Clown"). The ultimate objective of a Wrestle Wars character is to win the Global Super-Heavyweight Championship Belt by beating his or her opponents in one-on-one competition.

Before you begin to play Wrestle Wars you will need the following items: paper, pencils, two or more ten sided dice (d10), and at least one other player. Munchies don't hurt either, but they aren't reqired. That's it. Now you're ready to create your very own Wrestle Wars wrestler and start playing.

Character Generation

Champion Points (C.P.)

Every starting wrestler begins with 40 C.P. as a base amount, plus a natural talent bonus of 4d10 C.P. A wrestler will also get additional C.P. for winning matches and for winning the Belt. A wrestler uses C.P. to improve randomly rolled Character Stats and to purchase Attack, Defense, and Special Manoeuvres.

Character Stats

P.C.s have five randomly determined Character Stats: Height, Weight, Speed, Build, and Crowd Appeal. Stats are determined using 1d10 and the following tables, with rolls of 9 or 10 indicating another roll for Exceptional Stats. Stats can also be improved by the expenditure of C.P.


A player may increase his character's Height by spending 5 C.P./inch, but only during character creation.


A player may increase her character's Weight by spending 5 C.P./25 lbs., but only during character creation.

Speed, Build and Crowd Appeal:

A player may improve his character's Speed, Build or Crowd Appeal by spending 10 C.P./class,but they may never exceed class F.

|   d10      | Height |  Weight |     Speed |     Build | Class |
|    1       |  5'10" | 200 lbs |      Slow |    Flabby |   A   |
|   2-4      |  6' 0" | 250 lbs |    Normal |   Average |   B   |
|   5-8      |  6' 2" | 300 lbs |     Quick |       Big |   C   |
| 9-10(1-5)  |  6' 4" | 350 lbs |      Fast |  Muscular |   D   |
| 9-10(6-8)  |  6' 6" | 400 lbs |     Flash |    Ripped |   E   |
| 9-10(9-10) |  6' 8" | 450 lbs | Lightning | Herculean |   F   |

Attack Manoeuvres

Defensive Manoeuvres

N.B.- Defensive Manoeuvres come in two varieties: Those that avoid attacks and those that delay them by taking the offensive. Both types are equally effective.

Special Manoeuvres

Sample Character

Start by naming your character anc choosing his place of origin. This should set the flavour of your P.C..

"Sputnik, Russian death from above" is NOT from Miami, he is from Moscow.

Next, roll 4d10 and add 40 to the result to determine C.P. An average character will have 62 C.P., but Sputnik has, say, 75.

Now roll randomly to determine character stats. Sputnik rolls a 3, a 9, a 6, and two 7's. On the 9 he rolls again for Great Weight and gets a 7. So Sputnik is 6' tall, weighs 400 lbs, is Quick, Big, and a Celebrity. These last three stats are all Class C. This isn't bad but I have an idea where I want this character to go, so I'll spend 20 C.P. and boost his weight to 500 lbs.

After Stats are set, Sputnik chooses manoeuvers. He gets A Maneouvers Punch, Kick, and Defensive Manoeuvre Block for free. Next, he buys Offensive Maneouvre Splash, capitalizing on his weight, for 12 C.P. and Defensive Maneouvre Dodge, Duck, and Dive for a total of 43 C.P.

He wants Special Maneouvre Fan Favorite, but it costs 20 C.P. and he only has 10 C.P. He could boost his Stats some more but he'll just save the 10 C.P. and get Fan Favorite when he wins his first match.

And Sputnik is ready for his first match. With a few insults and catch phrases ("I'm going to turn your beets to borscht!") and he's ready for combat.


Matches are resolved as follows; Both wrestlers choose a Defensive Manouevre and then roll for initiative on d10s, with the high roller becoming the attacker for this round and chosing an Attack Manouevre. Wrestlers with Class C and D Speeds modify their rolls by +1, Classes E & F by +2. Note that in the first round wrestlers are limited to Class A Manouevres only, Class A and B in the second round, Class A, B, and C in the third, etc. If at any time both wrestlers tie for initiative then that round has been spent "Collar and Elbow" and this procedure begins again.

The attacker determines all modifiers on his attack roll according to the effect of Character Stats or Special Manouevres on the Attack and Defense Manouevres and by checking Table A. The attacker then rolls d100 and consults Table B, applying the effects of the attack according to that table. This process of initiative and attacks continues until a pin is attempted.

When a wrestler wins initiative and his opponent can only use a Class 0 Defense Manouevre the wrestler may attempt to pin his opponent. The wrestler declares that he is going for a pin and rolls on Table C for the Count Speed. The defender then attempts to break the pin by rolling on Table D: once for a Fast Count, twice for a Normal Count, and three times for a Slow Count. An Unbroken result indicates that the defender is still being pinned. A Bonus Attempt gives the defender one extra roll on Table D, but this result is hereafter treated as an Unbroken. A Broken result indicates that the defender has broken the pin and the match picks up on the next round. A Reversal indicates that the defender has managed to break the pin and roll the attacker into a pin position.

If the defender ultimately fails to break the pin then he has lost the match.

When a wrestler wins a match he receives a "Fight Purse" of 10 C.P. If the winner was in a position to pin his opponent at some time during the match and did not he then receives a bonus of 2 C.P., but this bonus is not cumulative with repetitions of this behavior.

Rule Breaking

A wrestler can modify any Attack Manouevre by +15 or an opponents rolls on Table D by -1 by engaging in Rule Breaking. The attacker declares that he will break the rules and then rolls on Table E to determine the effects of the Rule Breaking before rolling on Table B to resolve the attack or before his opponent begins rolling on Table D to break the pin. A Disqualified result indicates that the wrestler has been caught Rule Breaking and has lost the match as a result. A Warning result indicates that the ref has stopped the attack or pin attempt and distracted the wrestler long enough for him to automatically lose the next initiative. A Forced Break result indicates that the ref has stopped the attack or pin attempt. An Unnoticed result indicates that the attacker has succeeded at his attempt at Rule Breaking and either of Tables B or D is checked with the appropriate modifier for the Rule Breaking.

Table A: Defense Effects Modifiers

		  Defensive Manoeuvre
 Attack    +======+======+======+======+======+======+======+
 Manoeuvre |  0   |  A   |  B   |  C   |  D   |  E   |  F   |
|     A    | -15  | -25  | -30  | -35  | -45  | -55  | -70  |
|     B    | -10  | -20  | -25  | -30  | -40  | -50  | -65  |
|     C    | - 5  | -15  | -20  | -25  | -35  | -45  | -60  |
|     D    | + 5  | - 5  | -10  | -15  | -25  | -35  | -50  |
|     E    | +15  | + 5  |   0  | - 5  | -15  | -25  | -40  |
|     F    | +30  | +20  | +15  | +10  |   0  | -10  | -25  |

Table B: Attack Resolution

     d100      Result
      <01      Reversal: The attack has failed and the defender
               automatically wins next initiative.
     01-25     Miss: The attack has failed.
     26-40     Hit: The attack has succeeded and the defender
               will make his next Defensive Manouevre at Class A.
     41-60     Daze: The attack has succeeded and the defender
               will make his next two Defensive Manouevres at
               Class A.
     61-75     Wind: The attack has succeeded and the defender
               will make his next two Defensive Manouevres at
               Class 0 and Class A respectively.
     76-85     Stun: The defender has been Winded and will
               automatically lose next initiative.
     86-95     K.O.: The defender has been Stunned and, if
               pinned, will lose his first attempt to break the
      >95      Finish: The Defender has been Stunned and, if
               pinned, will lose his first two attempts to break
               the pin.

Table C: Count Speed

     d10       Count          For every Class of Crowd Appeal
      <4       Slow           that the attacker has over the
     4-7       Normal         defender, modify the roll by +1.
     >7        Fast           Modify by -1 for every Class under
                              the defender.

Table D: Breaking a Pin

     d10       Result
     1-5       Unbroken       Wrestler's with Class C Builds
     6-7       Bonus Attempt  modify their roll by +1,
     8-9       Broken         Classes D & E by +2,
     >9        Reversal       and Class F by +3.

Table E: Rule Breaking

     d10       Result
      <2       Disqualified   Wrestler's with Class C Crowd
     2-4       Warning        Appeal modify their roll by +1,
     5-7       Forced Break   Classes D & E by +2,
     >7        Unnoticed      and Class F by +3.

Please send registration fees in the form of cheque or money order, along with any questions and your return address, to:

Colin James Haslett
669 Cypress St.
Coquitlam, BC
V3J 6L3

And thank you for your support.

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