Reader, Siggins.
Siggins, Reader.

I've tried and tried to think of an easy way to write this introduction but when it comes right down to it what I'm trying to do is write an introduction to the man, Mike Siggins. This has proven to be deceptively difficult.

On the surface, Sumo is about board games. It particularly focuses on a wave of European games that have come to the attention of the English speaking world largely through his own efforts.

On another level it is the journal of Club Sumo, an exclusive, normally somewhat silly, but always eclectic group dedicated to nattering on about the aforementioned games. As such it is filled with oblique references to club members, inside jokes, and a fair amount of esprit de corps.

But at its roots Sumo is a running diary of Mr. Mike Siggins. Sumo documents Mike's personal fads, fancies, fashions, and foibles. And it is this that sets it apart and makes it special. And every time I write about this aspect of the 'zine it comes out sounding all touchy feely and complete tripe.

In any case, Sumo's Karaoke Club always makes for a good read. If you've never seen the magazine before, plunge right in: the water's fine. If you're a Sumo fan from way back then prepare to reminisce about those glorious days of your misspent youth. (Ah well, Cliffard, perhaps someone will let you reminisce about their glorious youth...)

Ken Tidwell
November 28, 1995

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