Father's Got The Shipfitter's Blues

by Mike Clifford

In order to clear up a couple of pieces of unfinished business, here is my summary of the Sumo 14/5 letter column: To Frankie Tresham: Did you get anything in the 'peoples' honours list Frank? Bloody criminal if you didn't. And what on earth were you going on about last time? Richard Bass: Sinbad is crap. Paul Jefferies: You've got few enough friends as it is without banning me from your game groups! Jennifer Schlickbernd: I'm disappointed in you. Flying Dutchman is a major hoot, Santa Fe good fun, and Wildlife Adventure a classic. Never invite me to your gaming sessions. (As if you would). Carl Schnurr: I had a Schnurr once, and an adorable pet it was. If I'm not mistaken, they are members of the Hamster family and originate from South America. No matter. And you're right about Musketiere (underrated). Dave Farquhar: Where do I get my headings? My head, dummy! Remember, Dave, a Nissan Hut is for life (as long as you service it every 6,000 miles). And now onto other game related business. Would Mrs Gerhard Kodys (Jewelenzauber, Insider, Pole Position) please hurry up and translate ALL the rules to her vastly underrated husband's games. And is Insider the sleeper of the past couple of years?... I wish Games & Puzzles good health, and was delighted to see that they had maintained the style and content of the previous incarnation. My only criticism concerns the limited number of reviews... Moonie reckons that Elfenroads is as collectable as anything on the market. In the Bronx, a copy will get you Kalashnikov... I am often stopped in the street because I bear a marked resemblance to Rock Hudson. Apart from providing the odd autograph or two (don't they know he's dead?), It doesn't bother me. But I was recently subjected to a eulogy about Backpacks & Blisters, as well as having to provide a signed photograph. Am I missing something, or is there another game with the same name?. And before you ask, Rock DID NOT play boardgames.... Why didn't Milton Bradley import Bandu (Bausack)? We're not that bothered about sustaining rain forests over here, particularly if the wood is used to make nice game pieces... I liked Credo, despite the subject matter (religion). But why does it look like a game kit? Are Chaosium in trouble? And is it pronounced 'creedo' or 'craydo'?... Graham Taylor's World Cup Management Game is down to a fiver at Woolies. It's not a bad game, but I have difficulty fitting the Lawrie McMenemy piece in the box... GMT's superior Rise of the Luftwaffe joins the other illustrious combat card games (Up Front, Hornet Leader,Modern Naval Battles, Enemy In Sight) in a movement which could dominate the wargame market a few years down the road. Those nervous at attempting a fully fledged wargame might well be enticed into this strain of the hobby by any of those games mentioned... I'm glad that the mention of Subbuteo in Sumo 13 elicited such a response. Has anyone got a copy of Subbuteo Table Tennis?... Those fortunate enough to have seen Channel 4's Dominos programme will have been tickled by the gregarious manner in which our former colonial friends play. I have now acquired a set of the genuine 'chunky' West Indian dominos from a Jamaican pal of mine, but they are available in the UK at around £8... I thought Gibson's new release The Mob a little ordinary. Originally produced by Casper, it joins a myriad of mob type games of which Organised Crime and Rubout are probably the best... The news (or rumour?) about Avalon Hill is distressing, but there is little doubt that some of their recent choices have been a miscalculation. For example, a recent session of Assassin left those in attendance agog with disbelief. During the hour-or-so that we were playing, neither the assassin or victims came within a mile (actually country) of each other, completely negating the intention of the game. Perhaps the playtesters are looking to pick up the company cheap... As Much as I admire GMT, the pricing for Caesar in the UK is crazy. The contents could probably sit in one of their thinnish bookcase boxes (like 1863) and look fair value at £19.95. Notwithstanding the credentials of the game, £35 is barmy. I sincerely hope that this is not a case of taking advantage of the successful SPQR series... And in order that I leave you with a reasonably current item, Intrigue (FX Schmid) is attracting good press. A few pence under £20, apparently, from Markie Mark-Up at Just Games.

Mike Clifford

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