Space Crusade

MB, £20

This one isn't half bad. Very much pitched at the family gamers and 'young adults' (read Anthrax fans), it betrays a strong family resemblance to Space Hulk out of Heroquest. The systems are still basically on the 'move a bit, hide behind a doorway, roll a lot of dice to cremate another Grok' level, but the feel is good and the fun level is high.

The theme is rather appealing to a Space Marine junkie such as I. You get to hit the traditional nasty-filled drifting hulk with three squads armed to the teeth with bolters, power fists, flamethrowers and latter day bazookas. The monsters move around as blips until you get a bead on them with your gatling gun and cream them into a pile of writhing tentacles. [Steady, Mike].

The finale is a meeting with a massive robotech chappie who takes some beating and always seems to prompt heroic suicide plays on the part of the marines. As usual, lovely bits, considered, tested and complete rules and well balanced scenarios. Good value for late night light relief (fnarr fnarr) and if this sort of Heroquesty thing is your bag, Space Crusade will be a popular purchase. If MB get this one into a decent Virtual Reality system in a couple of year's time, they could all retire on the profits. The usual 20% consultancy fee will suffice.

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