Esels-Rennen (Donkey-Derby)

[Ken: I believe this is a Doris & Frank game...]

2-6 players of 10+ years


Prepare for Play

Each player draws two cards, if more than 3 players, only one card each. Remaining cards are put face-down aside. Players should look only at their own card/s.

To Win

Make the order of finish of the donkeys match that on one of your card/s.

To Play

All donkeys are placed on start spaces (i.e. those with no arrows), one donkey to a space.

Each players turn consists of two steps:

  1. move any one of the donkeys towards the finish from its current square to an unoccupied square (I assume this has to be one of the "forward" squares.

  2. The square the donkey in 1. moved to contains a coloured arrow. This indicated the movement for the corresponding coloured donkey. The player takes the donkey of that colour and moves it that direction. This indicates another donkey and direction to move in etc, etc. This continues until EITHER a donkey moves onto a coloured arrow of its own colour, OR, a donkey would be forced to move into a space occupied by another donkey.

    The Finish

    As long as all three donkeys are in play, you may move a donkey in your first step one space BACK if it starts in a "rough sand" square. All movement in step 2 is done as usual. You may not move back the donkey which moved last on the preceding players turn.

    If a donkey has reached the finish (one of the last four squares), it is placed immediately on the pedestal, and further movement takes place as normal.

    If there are only two donkeys left on the track, if one of the donkeys moves onto a square with an arrow in the colour of the third (finished) donkey, the turn also ends.


    The game ends when the second donkey reaches the finish. The winner is the player who card matches the order of finish. If none of the players hold this card the game is a draw.

    Optional - Points System

    To play several races, the following points system can be used:

    The points on each card are added up. If a player holds 2 cards (i.e. 3 players or less) only one card (the better one) scores.

    Distributed by Mike Siggins from The Sumo Rules Bank

    The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell