Published by Fata Morgana
Copyright 1992, Fata Morgana Spiele
Translated by Dietmar Logoz

[Note: text that appears in the margins in the original rules is offset using square brackets [] in this translation - except for this bit, of course - ken]

Other Schraumen bits:

Abbreviated Rules

Shuffle the scrolls and put them in the temple, face down

Remove 11 scrolls from the game

Each Scrune gets: 7 prunes, and 3 scrolls

The druid's authority rotates among the players

First the druid reads out as many of its scrolls as it likes

Then the druid auctions the uppermost scroll from the temple

The highest bidding Scrune gets the acceptance. All Scrunes are allowed to bid, as long as they have enough prunes and less than 5 scrolls

The druid pays into the garden; the Scrunes pay to the druid

A SOFORT scroll must be read out immediately

It is a punishable offence to read out scrolls subjected to an auction

Bold scroll texts are requirements!

No Scrune shall own more than 5 scrolls

No Scrune may keep its possessions as a secret

Round up: 1/2 from 11 = 6; 1/3 from 10 = 4

The game ends by means of scrolls or if the temple is empty

The Scrune with the most prunes wins

The Game Cabinet - - Ken Tidwell