Published by Fata Morgana
Copyright 1992, Fata Morgana Spiele
Translated by Dietmar Logoz

[Note: text that appears in the margins in the original rules is offset using square brackets [] in this translation - except for this bit, of course - ken]

Other Schraumen bits:

The cards

I list the cards in 5 groups, each sorted alphabetically. The groups are:

  1. Cards with a title that contain some bold underlined text
  2. Other cards with a title
  3. Cards without a title that contain some bold underlined text
  4. Other cards without a title
  5. SOFORT cards

There is also one JACKPOT card.

1. Cards with a title that contain some bold underlined text

ALMOSEN / alms
If your funds are completely pruned, the reading out of this scroll provides you with an income support of 6 prunes from the garden.

You put 5 prunes into the garden. By that this game will come to an end at the moment when you will become a druid the next time. This scroll lies in front of you until then.

You are working for the richest Scrune and are paid a humble 2 prunes: Draw now a scroll from its hand which will be the only one it may read out, if allowed, in its next druid task.

DAS SCHWARZE AUGE / the black eye
You give expert advice about (examine, judge) the scrolls of an arbitrary Scrune. It pays you off with a tribute of 2 prunes.

ENTSORGUNG / waste disposal
The other Scrunes give you 1 scroll each which you burn together with this scroll without any other effect. For this commendable deed you take 4 prunes from the garden.

GEBURTSTAG / anniversary
Everyone gives you a scroll or a prune as they like.

GLUECK IM UNGLUECK / it could have been worse
You may read out this scroll only if you have the least prunes, but then it doubles them.

GROSSZUEGIG / generous
You give your two neighbours a scroll each.

KONSUMZWANG / compulsory consumption
You sell all your scrolls to your beloved Scrunes. They must buy them for a preferential price of 2 prunes each up to their maximum of 5 scrolls.

MAKLER / broker
Draw one scroll from the hand of the neighbour to your right, read it out, give it to the neighbour to your left and, get 1 prune from each of them.

MAEZEN / patron
The richest Scrune draws a scroll from your hand and thanks you with 8 prunes.

PFLAUMOROLL / prune-o-scroll
The scroll you once buy at an auction does cost no prunes, if you throw this credit scroll into the flames out of turn.

2. Other cards with a title

EINZUG INS NIRWANA / the move into nirvana
If you, at the end of the game, have renounced (given up) all prunes and only have this single Holy Scroll - YOU WIN!

HELLSEHER / the clairvoyant
Until you become druid again you may have a look at the scrolls from the temple that are offered at the auctions.

FESTIVAL DER MAGIE / the festival of magic
As long as you are the druid you shall take a new scroll straight away from the temple for each scroll you are going to read out. For this one as well.

GAERTNER / the gardener
Until the next druid ordination you receive all revenues from the garden and you pay its expenses. If you are pruneless the garden pays its own and your expenses. This scroll lies in front of you until the ordination occurs.

LOBENSWERT! / praiseworthy!
You restrict yourself in the future at a maximum of 3 scrolls in your hand. Now you may take up to 3 prunes from the garden.

LUXUSSTEUER / tax on luxuries
Everyone but you and your two neighbours decrease their fortune to a maximum of 12 prunes.

MACH MAL FERIEN! / take a vacation!
On the next turn you will refuse the druid's authority (duty). This scroll lies in front of you until then.

MITLEID / compassion
The game ends prematurely as soon as one of the other Scrunes has not got a scroll anymore.

(Scrunish: njet; no; that's what you think; mei you; caramba; polser!) NAU! is played out of turn and and by that annulls the previously read out scroll. Both scrolls are then burnt.

PFAENDUNG / seizure
The Scrune to your left will receive the revenues from your next auction.

ROLLWERTSTEUER / tax on scroll value
Until your next druid ordination you get a prune from the garden for each read out scroll. This scroll lies in front of you until then.

SOZIALHILFE / income support
All Scrunes in need may increase their prune stock to 5 pieces.

On this turn you are a superdruid and you may auction as many as 3 scrolls from the temple, one after another, instead of only one.

3. Cards without a title that contain some bold underlined text

12 Pflaumen
You put back 12 prunes into the garden. If you then still have the most prunes the game immediately ends. Fantastic, isn't it?

An arbitrary Scrune puts 2 of its scrolls on the table. You select one of them and take it to your hand.

2 Schriftrollen & 2 Rollen
You give an arbitrary Scrune 2 scrolls - and it thanks just as nicely with 2 rolls from its collection.

3 Pflaumen
Bring a fruit sacrifice of 3 prunes into the garden!

3 Pflaumen oder 1 Schriftrolle
Each Scrune gives either 3 prunes or 1 scroll leftwise.

4 Schriftrollen des Tempels
You may look at the uppermost 4 scrolls in the temple and distribute them among the Scrunes, including yourself! Nobody may accept rolls exceeding the maximum of 5. Scrolls that can not be allocated are burnt.

5 Pflaumen
You let an arbitrary Scrune have your scrolls for inspection. It chooses *one* beauty which it buys from you for 5 prunes.

eine Schriftrolle & 1 Pflaume
You give one scroll you choose to a neighbour Scrune. It thanks with 1 prune.

JACKPOT (not the JACKPOT card)
You get the prunes from the JACKPOT but not that scroll. If the JACKPOT is not on the table, you may not read out this scroll.

je 2 Pflaumen
Every Scrune gives you 2 prunes each.

je eine Pflaume
Give everyone one prune each.

You must auction the next scroll openly.

reichste & Aermsten 5 Pflaumen
The richest Scrune gives the poorest 5 prunes.

reichste & je 1 Schriftrolle
The richest Scrune gets 1 scroll from each of its neighbours.

so viele Pflaumen
In place of an auction you take the uppermost scroll from the temple. For it you bring as many prunes into the garden as Scrunes are present.

4. Other cards without a title

Alle bringen...
Everyone brings half of its prunes into the garden as a fruit sacrifice.

Alle geben...
Everyone gives half of its prunes to the left.

Alle Schraumen...
Every Scrune gives the neighbour to its right 2 scrolls, or all if it has less than these 2.

Dein Nachbar...
The neighbour to your right takes 5 prunes from the garden.

Dein Vermoegen...
Your fortune is decreased or increased to the starting level of 7 prunes, respectively.

Deine beiden Nachbarn erhalten...
Both your neighbours each get 4 prunes from the garden.

Deine beiden Nachbarn tauschen...
Both your neighbours exchange their prunes stock.

Die anderen...
The other Scrunes secretely distribute their prunes among both their hands. You choose one hand from each one and tell the number of prunes you expect there. If you guessed right you get these prunes.

Die obersten...
The uppermost 5 scrolls in the temple are burnt without being read out.

Der Erloes...
The revenue from your next auction must be taken to the garden as a fruit sacrifice in every case.

Du darfst aus...
You may replenish your scrolls to 5 from the temple.

Du darfst in...
On this turn you may not auction any scrolls from the temple.

Du rettest die... dich.
You rescue the last burnt scroll from the fire and take it to your hand.

Du rettest die... ...verbrannt.
You rescue the last burnt scroll from the flames and take it to your hand. The uppermost scroll from the temple is burnt unread in its place.

Du schaust...
You have a look at the uppermost 4 scrolls in the temple; 3 of them are burnt without effect. You choose only one for the upcoming auction.

Du sollst 4...
Thou shalt get 4 prunes from the garden!

Du sollst 6...
Thou shalt take 6 prunes from the garden.

Du sollst eine Schriftrolle...
Thou shalt take one scroll from the temple, and one prune from the garden!

Du sollst einem beliebigen...
Thou shalt draw a scroll from an arbitrary Scrune's hand and take it to your hand!

Du sollst mit...
Thou shalt exchange your scrolls with your neighbour to the left!

Du uebergibst...
You hand out all your prunes to another Scrune get its scrolls as a replacement. Afterwards you are allowed to own more than 5 scrolls just this once, but you have to read out the surplus immediately.

Du und dein...
You and your neighbour to the left each put half of your prunes into the garden as a fruit sacrifice, calling out a profound "halleluja!".

Du ziehst...
You draw a scroll from an arbitrary Scrune's hand and read it out, if reading is permitted.

Hole 2...
Get 2 prunes from the garden!

Hole dir...
Get yourself 10 prunes from the garden!

Pinch one third from another Scrune's prunes!

Give one half of your prunes to the neighbour on your left, and the rest to the neighbour to your right!

Wer genau...
Whoever owns exactly 7 prunes is allowed to get another 7 from the garden.

Zieh einem...
Draw a scroll from a Scrune's hand; it must burn this scroll at once - without reading it out.

Zwei Schraumen...
Two Scrunes you choose exchange their sitting places. Of course they take their prunes and scrolls with them: In the land of the Scrunes ownership and mobility are guaranteed!

5. SOFORT (Instant) cards

Deine Pflaumen...
Your prunes are doubled!

Diese Schriftrolle...
This scroll costs twice the settled price. Or all of your prunes if you own less than that. If you have this scroll straight from the temple it is burnt without effect.

Du erhaeltst die...
You get the uppermost 6 scrolls from the temple. But you must read out the scrolls surplus as soon as possible.

Hast du diese Rolle...
Have you bought this scroll in an auction from another Scrune?
Yes? You lucky Scrune! Take twice as many prunes than you have paid for it from the garden!
No? Then the scroll is burnt without effect.

Tausche deine...
Exchange your prunes with those of the neighbour on your left.

Verschenke all...
Give all your scrolls to the other Scrunes! Nobody may thereby have more than 5. Possible surplus scrolls are burnt without having an effect.

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