March, 1995

Woosh! I'll never translate anything this large again but the translation of Reiner Knizia's New Games in Old Rome is finally done. The original rules weigh in at 120 pages, with ample illustration, to be sure, but still amounts to a mountain of German text. I had originally hoped to have this done by the Ides of March but alack and alas, here it is one week late.

Peter follows up with Revolution, Reiner's look at the French Revolution, and Merfyn Lewis forwards on an anonymous translation of High Society, one of Knizia's most recent games. Catherine translates Alan Moon's Mush into French. And Tim sweetens the pot with a PostScript rendition of the event cards (including Alan Moon's variant events) for the game of chocolate manufacturing, Schocko & Co. (complete rules are also enclosed).

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