May, 1995

All of the Nuremberg '95 game rules that I have on hand are now available on the Cabinet (some appear in the June 95 issue of the Game Cabinet). I'm dangerously close to getting all of the Sumo Rules Bank translations in the Cabinet, as well, so if there are any more closet translators out there on the Web, now is the time to step forward and be counted. A tip o' the hat to all of the regular contributors, too!

Catherine Soubeyrand, our French correspondant, and Lionel Evan, her significant other, visited us for two weeks and have just returned to France. They got to meet the Fuzzies, the Slugs, and the Vegans as well as other examples of native Californian fauna. Many road trips were taken including a marathon game shop tour that took us from the South Bay through San Francisco and on up to Berkely and left me suffering from severe wallet decompression. We even got in a few games. Watch for the reviews of some of the more interesting new games in the coming weeks.

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