Mü and more
a collection of card games

Invented by Doris Matthaus and Frank Nestel.
Graphics by Doris Matthaus.
Copyright 1995, Doris & Frank
Translated by John Webley.


60 cards in 5 different colours, each comprising a set of 12 cards numbered 0-9 with two of each 1 and 7 cards. Each card also has 0, 1 or 2 triangles on it which show the points value of the card. 24 wooden markers in 4 different colours.

This set of cards enables you to play the following games:

A tactical, trick-taking game.
For 3-6 players (best with 4 or 5), 12 years or older.
Time required 60 minutes.

a memory and calculation game
For 2-4 players, 7 years or older.
Time required 15 minutes.

The Last Panther
An anti trick-taking game which often means players avoiding taking tricks.
For 3-8 players (best with 3), 10 years or older.
Time required 40 minutes.

A trick taking where one must first estimate how many tricks one will get.
For 3-6 players, 8 years or older.
Time required 40 minutes.

A card laying game.
For 3-6 players, 8 years or older.
Time required 60 minutes.

A "card catching" game.
For 2-4 players (best with 2 or 4), 10 years or older.
Time required 10 minutes.

Many thanks to our games testers, Michael, Holger, Uwe and the E workers, who've already tried and enjoyed the "15 cards on the table" version. Klaus our Bridge teacher. Johannes and his family, who have principally tested Calcory for us. Ralf and Sabine as always. Basti, who knows how clever Hedgehogs can be. Jens, Martin; Bernhard (and his friends) and Ottmar, who corrected most of the rules. Dagmar and Mattes, who thought that Mü was unexplainable; Friedhelm and Co. Thomas and Beate, who have the longest journey, Another Holger and several unknowns, who enjoy Skat more than Mü. Sabine; Werner and Anneli; Hinnerk, The Hippodice games club; and lastly our apologies to all that we have forgotten.

Many, many thanks to John Webley for doing this translation. Any mistakes probably inserted by Frank (or Ken) during final typesetting.

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